Does the "Anastasia Garden" really grow the exact substances for your body's optimal health?

Using regenerative practices, researching both soil and gut microbiology, together we are on a mission to create the Living Supplement Garden that follows the "Anastasia" suggestions and understand how it works. You can start growing yours today - grab your FREE Guide.

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    Hayley Weatherburn

    Chief Grower

    Thriving with Nature

    My Mission in this World is to Connect YOU to the Magic of Nature

    I believe that we can THRIVE WITH NATURE. If we align ourselves with Nature’s natural FORCE, we can flourish like it does on its' own. We are actually part of Nature so it makes sense that we are fully interconnected in health. As I started to research the science behind soil and plants, I had an “a-ha” moment when I learnt about the connection between microbes in both the soil and on the plants. This was just the beginning of the unfolding of the “how” plants could possible grow substances to help us gain optimal health. I reveal the latest updates in The Living Supplement Guide. Grab your FREE Copy!

    What You’ll Find in This Guide

    How to Do It

    Have the complete process outlined in simple, easy to follow steps. Both morning and night routines as well as the entire planting process. In addition learn the regenerative garden practices to ensure your garden continually improves and grows better and better.

    The Hypothesis

    Learn the latest research that illustrates the potential explanation in how the plants or microbiome could be reading your health. As the research and experiments evolve, you will be among the first to know and understand our connection with Nature at a microbiological level

    Join Others

    This is a current ongoing research project that you can become part of. Whether you have already grown a similar garden or perhaps you have symptoms you want to see if “The Living Supplement Garden” can help..join like-minded Nature loving souls together as we grow well together!